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Texas Coast Scrap Metal provides efficient equipment dismantling that breaks down the parts of industrial equipment such as Rail Cars, Decommissioned Ships to Barges, Huge aqueduct steel pipes and more into salable scrap quickly.

We then broker those pieces, fetching the best price we can for the parts from mills, rail yards and etc all over North America. You’ll put money back in your business and allow the materials thereof to become something new.


For the past 30 years, the decline in the use of rail cars has been consistently increasing. The decline in rail-car orders means rail-car decommissioning and dismantling services are becoming more prevalent, and the industry has seen demand for companies to transport, dismantle, and utilize ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and rail-car decommissioning & dismantling.  


We are the leading company with the expertise to handle these requirements.

Scrap Metal Recycling


Texas Coast Scrap Metal's in-house efficiency experts develop a comprehensive recycling plan tailored to your facility. We will design a custom solution that merges seamlessly with your current manufacturing operation, and maximizing scrap revenue without disruption.

We are able to tear down and process, Rail Cars, Barges and Ships, Refinery Shutdowns, Metals from Demolition and other industrial types of metal tear downs, such as industrial metal tear downs ,large aqueduct piping tear downs, warehouse steel and more!


​We deliver the best value for your Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless and High Temp Alloys.

How can we make this claim?

Texas Coast Scrap Metal uses our extensive relationships with buyers and expertise in marketing. We find the best markets to offer you the highest return!


Roll Off Service

We use our own roll off dumpsters, towing vehicles, rail to ensure on-time and effective transportation which allows you to remove unwanted scrap metal which accrues from any projects.

We have the team to take care of all parts of shipment and logistics to move ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal to our facility.

Roll Off Service

Buyers & Sellers

We want to buy your scrap metal!

Our unique weigh and pay system has been a cornerstone of our business since the beginning. We offer top dollar for all types of recyclable materials, so let us become your metal recycling center.

You bring your scrap to us, we weigh your non-ferrous scrap at our location and pay you on the spot.

Buyers & Sellers


At Texas Coast Scrap Metal, we identify the global needs for all types of metal from steel to iron, copper to aluminum.

As part of our scrap metal business, we support an answer for automotive scrap metal. We reuse it by influencing our scrap metal processing capabilities.



For buyers who are looking for ferrous and non-ferrours materials from a well-known source, Texas Coast Scrap Metal is the leading worldwide distributor.

With over 30 years in service, we support a resolution to scrap metal waste.

Scrap Metal Recycling


If you're looking for ways to help improve our environment, recycle your scrap metals here at Texas Coast Scrap Metal.

We take pride ourselves in helping to support the environmental effort.

Scrap Metal Recycling


You bring your scrap to us, we weigh your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap at our location and pay you on the spot.

We bid competing prices, fineness materials, and logistics while encouraging employee security and environmental protection.

Scrap Metal Recycling


About Us

Looking for a trusted, respected and highly rated scrap metal recycling company?

Here at Texas Coast Scrap Metal, we offer a wide dimension of scrap metal recycling and processing services.  We specialize in the buying, processing, and distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals such as Copper Scrap, Aluminum, Brass, Carbide, and Stainless Steel.

At TCSM, we support metal processing and scrap material in almost every major industry internationally with the appropriate raw material through recycling scrap, sortation or selling of scrap metal.

At TCSM, we support the metal processing and scrap materials in almost every major industry internationally, supporting the appropriate raw material through recycling scrap, sortation, and selling of scrap metal.

We have a reputation for being exceptional for a reason, not just because we pay more but because of our excellent service. Our customers count on us to help them in directing customer risk., lowering costs, embellishing productivity, removing waste, enhancing legislative, health and protection compliances and most of all, adding financial worth to their businesses and processes.


We are a privately held corporation committed to excellence in metal recycling.  You will never forget our smile and professional attitude.

Texas Coast Scrap Metal has been offering scrap metal recycling services in Texas with a smile for the past 30 years.

Year Established

Our Goal

We strive to be industry leaders by keeping our customers happy.



Scrap Metal Recycling

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